About Our Space

We Socialize

Socialize and Create something special with like-minded people. Build a professional network that can help grow your business. 


We Educate

We focus on empowering through education by providing one on one coaching, along with a variety of workshops and trainings to help you be successful in your business. 

Our company is a collective of amazing people.

Nonprofit Connection, a collaboration program with Amazing Care Homes and Mission Bridges,  501(c)3 nonprofits; engages new and experienced entrepreneurs from a wide variety of business sectors. We offer an opportunity to go from idea to a revenue-producing business.

Our work spaces are inspiring inside Resource Connection of Tarrant County. Our mentors are experienced and successful, with well-connected networks; and, most importantly, they are accessible. Our objective is to cultivate new ideas and generate self-sustaining diversified local economies, and grow businesses and jobs.

The program runs for up to twenty-four (24) months, yet some companies may need as little as six (6). We help focus your efforts and plan your cost and pricing structure for growth. While our formal membership is limited to 15 companies at a time, we provide virtual memberships, general help and access to our services to the entire business community. Come to our classes, let us help you with your business presentation, or get feedback on your idea. We’re here to help.

Meet Our Team

Crystal Mitchell

Executive Director, Amazing Care Homes

CeeCee Means

Executive Director, Mission Bridges